Mr.Karan S.Thukral is the founder and Managing Partner of ‘The Thukral Group’. He is also the Managing Partner of the leading Law Firm ‘Thukral Law Associates’. In addition to his pivotal role as the Managing Partner of the Firm, Mr.Thukral is actively involved in advising and guiding foreign and Indian clients on diverse matters involving international and Indian laws. Mr.Thukral has also been advising clients which include various International Consulates on international laws which involve interpretation of international treaties and international arbitration contracts executed by various countries.

Mr.Thukral also holds some of the highly esteemed memberships which include:

  • American Bar Association Chicago
  • Inter -Pacific Bar Association Japan
  • AEA International Lawyers Europe
  • International Bar Association London
  • Delhi High Court Bar Association India
  • Canadian Council – International Law Canada
  • Australian & New Zealand Society of International Law Australia


My ambition is to serve people as a Lawyer , specifically those who are living around the World far away from their home town in India. My experienced team and expert associate professionals strive to provide a confidential, efficient and unrivaled service in all branches of law e.g. land, tenancy, Land use, Landlord and tenant, Intellectual property, family law, personal injury plaintiffs, probate, real estate, sexual harassment, civil litigation, civil rights, criminal, Wills trusts estates, company law, tax, immigration, citizenship and human rights etc. Lawyers associated with me appear in the Supreme Court of India, High Court of Delhi, High Court of Punjab & Haryana and all lower Courts of Delhi , Punjab and Haryana, Pune, Bangalore, Jammu, Mumbai, Kolkata District Consumer Courts of Delhi, Punjab & many other cities.

I know that accurate and timely expert advice could mean the difference between losing or winning a case. Our impeccable record speaks for itself where our intimate knowledge and application of the law has turned weak cases into winning landmarks. The majority of NRI’s are not well apprised with the legal procedures and protocols not to mention the delays of the Indian Legal System and often fail to litigate or defend through ignorance or apathy. This is where the trusted brand of Chess aims to minimize all these hassles and delays by providing confidential and dependable legal advice and taking the stress and strain on your behalf so that your daily routine is not affected.

The fees charged vary case by case but, very competitive. Provided that , you will also not have to make perpetual visits to India to appear or be present in Court in person, which saves you the loss of earnings whilst away from home as well your personal safety in serious cases. My objective is only to make available legal services which are affordable and hassle free, I am accessible easily and most economically. Internet technology has made communication easier and effective for people in any part of the world and also to keep high level of communications confidential. Net based tracking of all matters allows very swift responses in communication regarding any kind of information throughout the network.

NRI’s / Non Resident Indians and other individuals residing in foreign countries looking out for Legal Services often find themselves in middle of a complex web of Legal situations, sometimes affecting their overseas immigration status/career or even their ability to visit India. Unlike Indian residents, legal cases involving NRIs may engage multiple areas of law and dealing with Indian authorities. Many NRIs struggle to even obtain the basic information about the Indian legal system, applicable laws, or lawyers. This website of mine exclusively focuses on serving NRIs’ and other foreign nationals while engaging applicable Family ,Divorce , Criminal , Property , Civil , Business , Real Estate , Immigration , and Tax laws. In addition to the personal attention, we work with the local Indian authorities and your Indian associates to study your case from various legal aspects and aggressively represent you, assuring you the peace much needed.