Client has an option to select any one of the billing methods before commencement of work. We follow a very transparent, competitive and convenient procedure pertaining to the costs and expenses. The following schedules for the professional fee are framed for the suitability and convenience of the clients in order to not over-burden them with the costs of a legal battle.


Under this schedule, the client has to make an initial retainers fee payment which covers the drafting and vetting costs, inclusive of the initial clerkage etc. Subsequently the client can decide to pay the professional costs on per hearing basis as and when the case proceeds in the Court.


The Client can opt for a lump sum fee amount for the complete case. The fee charged in such cases is also governed by the terms of the vakalatnama and is generally for a period of three years. Further details can be discussed prior to the initiation of the work with the main counsel.


Hourly rates are defined by qualifications, experience of the partner or lawyer working in the file this also depends on complexity, urgency, budget and requirements in the matter. While computing the hourly rate of each partner or lawyer we have also considered the competitive market, efficiency of each lawyer and the discount that could be made available to make the hourly rate reasonable. Each personnel’s hourly rates are specifically defined beforehand to the client. Hourly rate are often used where the scope or type of service to be provided is not routine or evolve over time or will be determined by factors outside the control of the client. When entering into an hourly fee arrangement, the client is encouraged to seek estimates for the work. Litigation budgets often form a part of the communication process.


Blended hourly rates are usually based on the average rate of two or more lawyers (non-lawyer including paralegals rates are not blended with lawyers rates) who will work on a file. All time is billed at this blended hourly rate, regardless of which lawyer is doing the work. In our blended billing rates each client has a dedicated partner (the lead partner) who will lead, co-ordinate and will be directly responsible to meet the client requirements effectively. This blended hourly rate for the given file is agreed with client at the time of the firm is being engaged.


Fixed fees are fees that client agrees to pay a decided definite amount for a particular work unto certain stage as assigned to law firm, By defining the set fee client are aware of the cost upfront, this method helps client to budget their legal expenses.


The firm is retained by client for twelve months, the retainer fees is a set fee payable by client for being retained, our firm annual retainer fee is set at USD 1000 and during this period the blended hourly rates as defined will apply at 35 per cent of the applicable rates and this rate will apply unto 150 man hour whether used or unused by client, and on completion of 150 man hour thereafter our standard blended hourly rates will apply.


Our firm considers offering a discounted rate if the firm receive a certain level of work from the client, the level of discount increases as volume of work to the firm gets higher. Discount offer is discussed with the counsel concerned.


Contingency fees are not allowed under the Indian law therefore all disbursements or third party expenses estimated should be paid in advance, while our Professional fees of at least sixty percent should be paid in advance and the balance fee should be discussed with the main counsel concerned.


A formal invoice with details of the fee charged under different heads is provided to the client for every payment received.

A nominal consultation fee of US$ 80 to US$ 100 is charged for personal meetings up-to 30 minutes. During a personal consultation a brief idea and opinion is given on the scope of the case and what all remedies are available to the client for proceeding further. A telephonic consultation is provided free of cost depending upon the availability and convenience of the counsel. A formal legal opinion can also be availed which costs between US $ 500 to US $ 1000 depending upon the number of queries and facts of the case. The fee charged for the case is governed by the terms of the vakalatnama and is generally non-refundable, unless exceptional circumstances prevail.


Accountable advance, as agreed should be deposited with Thukral Law Associates prior to commencement of any work, either by Bankers Cheque in favour of “Thukral Law Associates’ or by irrevocable telegraphic transfer to our bankers at “Kotak Mahindra Bank”, “Axis Bank” unless advised differently from the main office. In case of difficulties, we also accept transfers through Money Transfer services easily available in western countries.