Adoptions, Inter-Country or Domestic & Surrogacy Related Laws

The Law Firm is extensively experienced in adoption matters and intricate laws governing Inter-Country adoptions.

Our lawyers have got various cases of inter-country adoptions approved and helped couples in taking their adopted child to a foreign country in compliance with the law.

We have represented clients in landmark cases related to inter-country adoptions and have availed favourable decisions from the Court in relation to adoption of a child. The laws relating to Inter-Country adoptions are very complex and most of the people are totally unaware of hold half-baked knowledge on the subject. Most of the people get into the hands of unprofessionals who make the case more complex and difficult to approve. It is always advisable to seek for the best professional advise in case of adoptions as it involves a future of a child and in the event of any problem, it shatters the hopes of the adoptive parents completely.

Thukral Law Associates has been providing legal services and legal representation in adoption related matters to domestic and international clients.

Our Law Firm ensures that NRI’s do not face any problems in adopting a child in India subject to due compliances and permission from the Court.

Our Law Firm was the key counsel who represented couples from four different countries before the Hon’ble Delhi High Court in cases related to direct inter-country adoptions and CARA related guidelines.

Our office shall represent you from the beginning to the end of the process and shall take care of all the steps involved in the adoption of a child including passport issuance and immigration.

The main aspects of the Law Firms expertise in this field involve:

Inter-Country Adoptions

In case you are adopting a child in India and hold a NRI status or a foreign citizen. Cases involving adopting a child from an orphanage or a child welfare center in India. The process involves several compliances, Court process and Approvals.

Inter-Country Direct Adoption & Relative Adoption

Cases you are adopting a child directly from the biological parents under the Hindu Adoptions Act.
Cases involving adopting a child from a relative in India under the various rules and laws applicable.

Steps involved in Inter-Country Adoptions

Adoption Ceremony Registration of Adoption Deed

Home Study Report / Approval
Court Decree / Order
Issuance of the Passport of the Child
Amended Birth Certificate of the Child
No Objection Certificate or Letter from the CARA Visa Processing & Immigration of the Child

Domestic Adoptions

Cases involving adopting a child in India from directly natural biological parents or a child welfare agency or an Orphanage

Surrogacy Procedures & Laws

We provide you with all the contracts/papers/documents etc that are needed in the surrogacy process for instance the surrogacy contract, the endorsement by clinic, contract for financial terms etc.

To review all the legal documents executed between the Intended Parents and the Surrogate Family and to check and ensure that the same are properly signed and officially stamped. We make sure that the said legal documents so executed are legally correct and contain all the necessary clauses that safeguard the interests of the Intended Parent/s.

We Assist Intended Parents in obtaining expedited Birth Certificate(s) from Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and getting Apostille Sticker on the Birth Certificate from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), wherever required.

We arrange all the documents, application etc for the passport and exit of the children. Further we also arrange the meetings with embassy if needed. We assist Intended Parents with obtaining Exit Visas for child(ren) through Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in Delhi.

We ensure that all your documents needed for obtaining a favourable court order are prepared well in time. Also we represent the intended parents in the Court if the need be. In the event of any dispute arising out of surrogacy arrangements, we address the same before appropriate forum, with our expertise and relevant knowledge on the subject.

Our Other Practice Areas

Our office provides an extensive range of Legal Services to Domestic and NRI (Non Resident Indian) clients, keeping in mind the difficulties faced by them in search of a proper and efficient lawyer.

Some specific categories of Legal Services culled out with regard to the both Domestic & International Client’s are given below

– Administrative Law
– Adoption ( International & Domestic )
– Agricultural Law
– Alimony
– Animal Law
– Appellate Practice
– Arbitration
– Assault
– Asset Protection
– Banking & Finance
– Banking Law
– Battery
– Business Law
– Business Litigation
– Child Abuse
– Child Support & Custody
– Child Visitation
– Civil Litigation
– Constitutional Law
– Construction Law
– Consumer Law
– Contracts
– Copyright
– Credit & Mortgage
– Criminal Defense
– Criminal Law
– Murder
– Naturalization & Citizenship
– Negligence
– Nonprofit Organizations
– Patents
– Personal Property
– Pre-nuptial Agreements
– Probate
– Professional Liability
– Project Finance
– Property Law
– Property Management
– Public Finance

Debt Relief
– Debtor & Creditor
– Defamation, Libel & Slander
– Divorce
– Domestic Violence
– Education Law
– Environmental Law
– Estate & Trust
– Extradition
– Family Law
– Finance
– General Practice
– Government Contracts
– Information Technology
– Informed Consent
– Inheritance Law
– Intellectual Property
– International Arbitration
– International Trade
– Islamic Law
– Landlord & Tenant Law
– Litigation
– Mass Tort
– Medical Law
– Medical Malpractice
– Motor Vehicle Accidents
– Rape
– Real Estate
– Securities
– Separation
– Torts
– Trade
– Trade Investment
– Trade Secrets
– Trademark
– Weapons
– Will
– Workers Compensation
– Wrongful Termination