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Looking for the most Trusted Immigration Consultant in Delhi? Well, you can find numerous immigration consultants but there are just a few who do their work with utmost transparency. And, when it comes to transparency in the immigration process, “Thukral Law Associates” tops the list.

Well, we welcome you to the world of the best immigration consultant, Thukral Immigrations. At our immigration consultancy firm, we provide the most reliable, efficient, and fast immigration consultancy services.

The services at our law firm are

  • Skilled Migration,

  • Permanent Residency,

  • Study Visa,

  • Tourist Visa,

  • Business Visa,

  • Family Migration, and

  • Resettlement programs.


However, we are specialized in providing immigration consultancy services for all the major countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, and USA.

We are helping many people to realize their overseas dreams 

When it comes to immigration to developed nations such as Canada and Australia, the immigration process is quite quick, affordable, and smooth for such developed countries provided the professionals you hired have the proper knowledge, credentials, and background.

The immigration consultants at “Thukral Immigrations” have got matchless expertise about the immigration laws, the latest government updates and always keep an eye for detail that is crucial for the immigration process.

With our experience and expertise, we get you ‘first time right’ while providing a ‘fast-track’ process of immigration. Moreover, by using our knowledge about these countries, we also advise you on finding the right jobs in the overseas countries, help in settlement issues, and answer a whole lot of questions that you may have in your mind.

Call us today for an opportunity to speak with our immigration consultant and let’s make your dream come live.

Want to Know More About Thukral Law Associates? Here it is…

Thukral Law Associateswhich has been renowned as the best immigration consultant in Delhi works tirelessly in order to make sure that all the clients are able to migrate to their dream destinations anywhere in the globe.

Therefore, we stay constantly in sync with the updated procedures and all the available opportunities in different countries. And with that, we present our clients with the complete perspective for their visas including business visas, study visas, or investment opportunities.

Moreover, we also serve the needs of skilled professionals, HNIs, and students who want to study abroad. However, our top-class immigration services are handled by the best immigration consultants in Delhi.

Well, the primary objective of everyone at our consultancy firm is to understand the needs of people needs and then to use our experience, skills, and knowledge for providing them with the most suitable solutions.

Hence, our goal is to provide our clients with successful, easy, safe, and hassle-free immigration solutions to the country of their choice. Here are the kinds of visas we have helped our numerous clients in:

  • Study Visa 

The Education sector has always been the one sector that has captured the most number of people across the world. Well, we have helped 1000s of students in immigrating to their dream country for further studies.

  • Tourist Visa 

If you are thinking to travel across the globe, then all you need is a “Visitor Visa”. At ‘Thukral Immigrations”, we have the best tourist visa consultant for helping you out in getting a travel visa.

  • Business Visa 

Today as the world is revolutionizing fast, the economies are also booming likewise. Hence, with a business visa, people can explore new business opportunities in foreign countries. And with us, the process of getting a business visa has become convenient.

  • Skilled Visa 

The Skilled Migration Visa is acquired for the skilled professionals who have a dream to migrate to another country. Well, they can do that based on their skills in a particular field too. At our firm, we have the best-in-class open work permit consultants in Delhi.

Why Should You Choose Thukral Immigrations Over Other?

From the beginning of our consultancy firm, our major goal has remained the same and that is to assist the students in getting study visas in all the major countries to help them get admission to their desired universities.

We also helped numerous skilled people and business people to get hassle-free skilled visa and business visa. Hence, our impact speaks louder than our words. Read on to understand that why should you choose us.

  1. Satisfying Customer Service 

Our customer service doesn’t stop at providing information and services about the immigrations and visas but at thukral immigrations, we have taken it one step further. Being the best we ensure that we provide each of our clients with all the help and facilitation on a proactive basis. So, our customer service makes you feel that the entire process is easy.


    2. 100% Success Rate

Our dedication towards your immigration and our focus on providing the best visa consultant services has been awarded with some amazingly favorable results. Hence, we have successfully helped all our clients in settling abroad permanently that too without making them face any inconvenience. So, we have a 100% success rate in the immigration consultancy and more.

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