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Probably no other people have endeavoured to idealize the institution of marriage as have the people in India. In India, marriage is considered as a sacrament, especially amongst the Hindus. The concept of marriage however does not hold a primitive existence and can still be seen of a contemporary emergence. The laws are still evolving and with society redefining the roles of women and men, it is yet to take an evolutionary over-do.

A marriage can potentially offer a life of contentment, however, if gone wrong, can even prove to be a nightmare; not only for the individuals involved but for their families too. Marriage and Divorce are two terms which go hand-in-hand. Two events which should be taken up with utmost cautious and best advice.

In India, it’s the personal laws, evolved from one’s customs, that deal with marriage and divorce. If you are someone who thinks it’s better to call off the marriage and settle things down in an effective manner, but aren’t sure how to move ahead, connect with Karan S. Thukral, the best divorce lawyer in Delhi.

Laws for Divorce in India

India is a diverse country and so are its laws when it comes to Divorce. With an ever-evolving society and rapidly changing laws, its easy for a person to find himself stuck in its complications with no other efficacious remedy left but to enter litigation. Tussles in a marriage are unavoidable, can lead to civil as well as criminal proceedings. It is at this stage when a person should look for the best divorce lawyer who helps ease off the process.

Depending upon the relationship a couple shares, Divorce may be contested or can take shape of a mutual divorce. In both cases, it is necessary to take proper steps, ensuring one’s peace of mind. In case of a contested divorce and with aggravated heat, it may at times be necessary to file for an anticipatory bail prior hand, before things take turn for the worse. An efficient, intelligible and experienced divorce lawyer should be someone you must look out for.

As aforesaid, Divorce laws differ for every religion. It is the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 that deals with Marriage and Divorce amongst Hindu’s. Likewise, there are separate laws for Muslims, Christians, Parsis and so on which deal with marriages and Divorce.

Divorce under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955

As per Section 13 of the of the Hindu Marriage Act, following are the ground for Divorce:

1. Adultery: Adultery is a valid ground for seeking Divorce. However, as per recent judgment of the Supreme Court, it is no longer a criminal offense.

2. Desertion: Abandonment of a spouse by another is what is known as Desertion. It is a valid ground for Divorce under Hindu Laws.

3. Insanity: When one of the spouses is suffering from permanent insanity, the other can call off the marriage by simply filing a Divorce Petition through a Divorce lawyer in the Court of Law

4. Conversion: If a person changes his religion without the consent of his/her spouse, he/she can file a divorce petition on grounds of Conversion.

5. Renunciation: When a spouse has renounced family life altogether, the other has an option to file for divorce on the same grounds.

6. Cruelty: It is well established that cruelty can be both, mental as well as physical. Only a divorce lawyer with ample experience and wit can walk you through this ground for filing a divorce.

7. Venereal disease

8. Presumption of death: If a person has not heard of the other’s existence for over 7 years, he then becomes eligible to seek divorce.

Besides the above iterated grounds there are a few more grounds which a wife can avail to seek Divorce:

1. At the time of marriage, the husband is married and not divorced his 1st wife and she is alive.

2. Husband is found guilty of unnatural offenses.

3. If marriage is done before she attained the required age of marriage.

Divorce under the Dissolution of Muslim Marriage act, 1939

Muslim Marriages are more of a contract as compared to Hindu Marriages. Hence, laws governing Muslim Marriages and Divorce differs from those of Hindus. Following are the grounds a Muslim Men/Women can opt for in order to seek Divorce:

1. Husband’s whereabouts not known for 4 years.

2. Husband failed to provide maintenance to the wife for 2 years.

3. Husband is under imprisonment for seven or more years.

4. If the girl was married before 15 and decides to seek divorce/ end the marriage before she turns 18.

5. Under Muslim marriage the spouses can seek for a divorce when he/she is subjected to any kind of mental or physical injury.


Divorce may be emotionally draining for everyone who is associated with it. Throughout the tiring times, a divorce lawyer in Delhi can guide you through your situation and communicate your worries. You'll need the best divorce lawyer in Delhi to handle your case and get a favourable outcome for everyone involved. Divorce may be a stressful and frustrating experience, but it doesn't have to be, and it all comes down to one factor: how efficient and successful your divorce lawyer is.

Karan S. Thukral will be with you every step of the way and will look at your case from every angle. Karan S. Thukral and his legal associates have the abilities and expertise you require to establish a strong divorce case. You may be assured that you will obtain a personalised solution for your lawsuit, supervised by renowned divorced lawyers with decades of knowledge and successful cases, who will ensure that justice is delivered to you.

Role of a Divorce lawyer in Marriage and Divorce

Apart from contesting your case before the Court, a well-versed divorce lawyer can facilitate in conclusion of Marriage Registration, Guardianship Petition, Adoption of child, filing for restitution of conjugal rights, judicial separation, interim maintenance, permanent alimony and assistance in mediation between the parties.

An expert divorce advocate can potentially turn the tables around while facilitating the complete process. He plays an impeccable role in contesting your case on the grounds mentioned above. An honest and sincere advice, backed with experience is what you should seek while looking out for a divorce lawyer.

What makes Karan S. Thukral the best Divorce Lawyer?

Finding a divorce lawyer in Delhi can be a herculean task if you have no idea where you need to approach. For past many years, Karan S. Thukral has handled several divorce cases to ensure that the concerned client’s fate is not at stake and tries to secure them through effective laws and evidences; aspects which can drive the path of any divorce case in courts.

Matrimonial cases can sometimes even lead to serious repercussions such as landing one behind the bars. Karan S. Thukral’s legal team makes sure you are provided with best legal advice on divorce matters. They guide you through the process, ensuring a positive outcome and preventing you from meeting a bad fate. Advocate Karan S. Thukral is highly proficient when it comes to cases such as child custody, alimony and maintenance, domestic violence leading to separation, anticipatory bail, 498 A Crpc, etc. He has been handling divorce cases throughout all family courts in Delhi and has a PAN India presence. Hence, if you are looking for a divorce lawyer in Delhi, connect with Mr. Thukral to avail a hassle-free legal experience.


Karan S. Thukral is a ray of hope for those who feel they got deceived in a pious institution like marriage and want a smooth departure to have a peaceful life in future. Once you get in touch with him, you just need to sit back and relax, and see how the best divorce lawyer in Delhi, India, ensures your best interest.


1. How long does it take to get a divorce in India?

A minimum period 6 months, in case you have filed for a mutual divorce. However, if you are someone contesting a divorce, it entirely depends upon the facts and the circumstances of the case. A contested divorce can even stretch for more than 2 years.

2. Can a wife claim Maintenance even without divorce?

Yes, a wife can claim maintenance under Section 24 of the Hindu Marriage Act even prior to seeking divorce, if she is not being provided for.

3. Can I marry after filing Divorce?

No. You cannot marry again till the expiry of 6 months from the date you have been granted Divorce.

4. What if wife denies to give divorce?

In case your wife denies to give divorce mutually, you will have to contest the same before the court. It is best to retain a good divorce lawyer for best outcomes.

5. How is child custody determined?

The court sees various aspects before granting custody such as welfare and interest of the child.

6. Can the father get the custody of the child?

Yes, a father can get custody of a child in certain cases. Example; if the wife is of unstable mind, wife wilfully gives up the custody, if the child is above the age of 13 and expresses his/her desire to reside with the father, etc.

7. How long does it take to get anticipatory bail in 498 A cases?

Depending upon the circumstances and the lawyer you have retained, it may take up to a total of 15-20 days to get an order in your favour.

8. Can bail be granted in 498 A cases?

Yes. As soon as you get know of an FIR being registered against you, you should move an application for anticipatory bail.

9. Can I file Divorce case while staying out of India?

Yes, you can contest a Divorce while staying abroad. You must retain an experienced attorney dealing with NRI cases who can help you out better.

10. Can I leave the country once divorce is filed?

Yes, as long as you retain your passport, you are free to travel.

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