NRI Property Management Services - NRI Lawyer in India

NRI Property Management Services - NRI Lawyer in India

NRI or non-resident Indian is one of the fascinating and most attractive words that create a lucrative outlook about those who, being Indians, stay in a different country. But, there's a different facet associated with this word. NRI, too, faces some legal issues due to the organic nature of our lawful system. And, in a country like India, you need to abide by regulations and guidelines that change from time to time to cope with modern nuances. So, this is the case with our NRI chaps. This section will give an idea about problems that a normal NRI can face in India and how an advocate like Karan S. Thukral can come to the rescue by delivering NRI property management services and other solutions in the most hassle-free mode.

Why are NRIs so important?

Indian diaspora holds a huge value outside, considering their presence in West Asia, Central Africa, USA, etc. If we see the current situation in terms of external transactions, we have a surplus of foreign reserves due to the remittances sent by Indians living outside. The current report by the World Bank states that India received around $ 83 billion in 2020 under remittance vertical, considering that there was a pandemic floating all around the world. In addition to this, you will find NRIs are handling core portfolios in some top firms and making a substantial investment in developing our assets and infrastructures. Hence, irrespective of what they are doing, we need to take care of them if they face any issue related to investment mishaps, adoption, citizenships, etc.

Problems associated with NRIs

When it comes to NRIs, all they want is peace of mind and quicker resolution that has arisen in the recent past. One of the essential problems is property transfer or dispute. Once NRIs start living outside, there is a high chance that someone (mostly relatives) makes an illegal occupation. They either want a seamless elimination of these elements or want to surrender property against a handsome transfer of funds during those moments. In case of infertility, some of the NRI couples try to seek permission from CARA (Central Adoption Regulation Authority, an apex body that monitors both intra-country and inter-country adoptions) without falling into any negative implications. These are some of the most important stumbling blocks from where NRIs search for safer passage and amicable resolution.

Karan S.Thukral - NRI Lawyer in India

Karan S.Thukral has a huge experience in handling legal cases associated with NRIs, especially those on land disputes, birth certificates, criminal prosecution and extradition, inter-country divorce & child custody issues, builder buyer collaboration, surrogacy, consumer disputes, citizenship, OCI card process, etc. Thus, if you are an NRI and face any of these problems, Karan S.Thukral is the best option available to you. The legal team also consists of chartered accountants who can help you out regarding tax exemptions and other NRI property management services.


KaranS.Thukral is a reputed NRI lawyer in India who is looked at by many of those facing any problem mentioned above. The best part about Karan S.Thukral is that inter-country boundaries are no more a barrier, as you can book a consultation online. In addition to this, all legal services related to NRIs are available at a highly affordable and reasonable rate. So, why wait anymore? Just fill out the form and let us know about your problems and see how advocate Thukral performs beyond your expectations to ensure that it will be you who will shake hands with justice.

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