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  • Karan Thukral Law Firm is a leading immigration law Firm in India. Karan Thukral Law Firm specialises in all forms of immigration concerns. We specialise in precise counselling and assisting people from India and other nations in their immigration applications to Canada, whether they are applying on a permanent (as a permanent resident) or temporary (as an employee, scholar, or guest) basis. Our staff is adept at handling a wide range of immigration issues, from one of the most basic to the most complicated. We have an on-panel team of foreign legal experts and counterparts, who provide the best of consultancy and solutions to complex issues. Filing for a visa to Canada or working with immigration officials in any other way can be a difficult challenge, but we will do everything we can to guarantee that your application is handled efficiently, competently, and productively. Large numbers of clients have benefited from our services, and we also have a high rate of success.

What Is The Reason To Hire A Canadian Immigration Attorney

  • Although the immigration formalities and documentation in Canada appear to be straightforward, the legal concerns and repercussions are quite complicated. 


  • The repercussions of not receiving it correctly the first time can vary from unnecessary delay to an unfavourable judgement, and most mistakes made by self-represented immigrants could have been addressed if they had used the services of a professional immigration lawyer for Canada. 


  • When a client entrusts a mandate to our law firm, they have access to a team of knowledgeable and competent experts from Canada and India,  that work collaboratively on each file while adhering to a common set of rules in both Nations.

Do You Require A Study Permit In Order To Study In Canada

You may require a study permit to study in Canada if you are not a Canadian citizen or permanent citizen. You wouldn't need a study visa if you want to study for 6 months or less in a short-term programme. While on a guest permit, you are permitted to do so. 


However, if you want to, anyone can petition for study permission. A study visa is required if you want to enrol in a programme for longer than six months.

Selecting The Right Canada Immigration Lawyer

  • Selecting the perfect immigration attorney for Canada is an important choice that should be made correctly. Attorneys are regulated by Provincial Bar Association, which ensure that they fulfil sufficient educational, ability, and competence criteria. 


  • When choosing a Canadian Citizenship Attorney, nevertheless, it is the client's job to thoroughly research his or her prospects. The client must make certain that the attorney took the hassle to make sure that the client understands the procedural road ahead of them. 


  • The client must ensure that the immigration attorney conducts a thorough and complete client evaluation process that helps the attorney to find opportunities where others perceive hurdles.

Why Karan Thukral Is The Right Choice


  • By providing personalised assistance and one-on-one counselling to each and every client, we approach all of our clients with decency and compassion. 


  • In all aspects of immigration and citizenship law, our highly skilled professionals and qualified associate experts endeavour to deliver a comprehensive, effective, and unparalleled treatment. 


  • We take great satisfaction in providing quality legal advice and representation to our clients, ensuring that visa authorities treat them fairly, and guaranteeing that they have the best opportunity of being granted residence permits in Canada.


Why Hire A Temporary Resident Permit Lawyer?​

With the assistance of an immigration attorney, you will have much more time to concentrate on vital matters such as your career, school, or household, as the situation may indeed be because processing periods can take months, so it is recommended that visitors make plans to correct their legal impediments well in advance of wanting to visit Canada.

Can I Enter Canada With A DUI?

A charge for trying to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) will almost always result in inadmissibility to Canada. It is critical that you settle all legal inadmissibility concerns before arriving Canada, regardless you are showing up for working on a multi-year agreement or even just visiting for a day. Thankfully, the Canadian government offers a number of methods for overcoming legal impediments. Karan Thukral Law Firm can assist you in determining the best course of action. ​

What Do I Need To Follow In Order To Move To Canada As A Permanent Resident Based On My Work Skills?

A work permit will not allow you to come to Canada. See whether you meet the criteria to register as a skilled worker if you want to immigrate to Canada as a permanent residence depending on your job abilities and accomplishments. You can also register as a skilled worker, however, there is no separate segment for transitory foreign employees inside the skilled worker category.

How Can I Become A Temporary Foreign Worker In Canada

A work permit is required to enter Canada as a temporary foreign worker. To work lawfully in Canada, you must get a working visa since you're not a Canadian citizen or permanent citizen. Before coming to Canada, you must submit for a working permit from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Why Hire Karan Thukral For Your Canadian Immigration Needs ​?

The Karan Thukral Law Firm focuses on all aspects of the immigration and nationality act. Our lawyers have the skills and understanding to help you navigate through any legal situation. With morality and ethics, we believe that the success of our clients is our success.

What Is The Definition Of Permanent Resident Status?

Permanent residence is a sort of visa status in Canada. As the name indicates, it lets a foreign citizen residing in Canada indefinitely, operate, educate, and receive social benefits.

What Is The Length Of My Visitor's Permit In Canada?

A single entry visa or a multiple entry visa are the two kinds of visas accessible. You can obtain authorization to visit Canada many times before the visa expires if you have a multiple entry visa. A single entry visa allows you to enter the country only once before it expires. It is important to note that your visa's expiration date has no bearing on how long you can reside in Canada.

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