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Over the past years, the U.S. visa refusal ratio has only seen a hike. In 2020 and 2021, more than 6 million non-immigrant visa applications have been denied, especially under Section 214(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. U.S. laws are such that the applicants need to clearly showcase their intention of not immigrating permanently. Apart from the above, it is also important to declare your intentions of complying with the US laws ones you are granted the Visa and you have landed in the US. If done correctly, the chances to get your visa approved in one-go, amplifies to a great extent. However, one must be aware of the requirements and criteria for each category, before going all in. It is always better to explore your options with an immigration lawyer, to have a grasp of the present situation and trends. Karan S. Thukral and his on-panel U.S. immigration attorneys provide you with a broader picture in case you are applying afresh, and provide you with best recourse in case you have already received a US Visa refusal. 



Following is a list of most common reasons for U.S. visa refusal, identified over the past years:

  1. Very limited ties/connection with the home country

  2. Hesitation in answering questions during the Interview

  3. Over-stay cases

  4. Disrupted political situation in the home country

  5. Hiding truth in the application

  6. Previous Refusals

  7. Inadequate finances to support the purpose of visit

  8. Misrepresentation of facts

  9. Inappropriate Counselor understanding of the application

  10. Applicant involved in fraudulent activities 


  1. If applying for a student visa, remember to put forth your intention to return back to the home-country while making sure you hold necessary qualifications for the selected course.

  2. Always remember to be truthful while filing the application. Honesty is the best policy and shows your genuineness.

   3. Take advice from an immigration lawyer if you get stuck while answering a question. It’s better now than never.

   4. Upload all information and documents vigilantly. Any discrepancy can lead to a possible visa refusal.

   5. Do not re-apply without addressing the reasons for previous refusals.


In case you have been refused a U.S. visa and are looking for legal advice, connect with Karan S. Thukral and his team of on-panel counsels who can guide you through the best possible solution applicable to your case. Each visa refusal is unique in itself and reasons are personal to every case. Formulating a way out of the situation, is a task, best left for the experts. Karan S. Thukral and his on-panel U.S. attorneys, specialized in dealing with Visa refusals, first make a case analysis and accordingly suggest the recourse to be taken up. Some cases are quite simple and can easily be resolved on the administrative end, while others require an appeal. Depending upon the facts and circumstances of your case, a way out is formulated and suggested in your best interest. You are then free to decide and analyze what suits you the best.


With an ever increasing rate of US visa refusals, it’s easy to get yourself stuck with one. In case you do receive a refusal, do no panic since it only creates physiological hindrances and disturbs your ability to think judiciously. Rather, consult an immigration lawyer near you and seek advice. It’s better to explore your options and then decide if you want to go for an appeal or re-apply with appropriate documents and reasoning. Either way, it is necessary to take a second opinion before proceeding ahead. Connect with Karan S. Thukral to resolve your problems and see the tables turn.

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